Illinois Journal of Mathematics

The Illinois Journal of Mathematics was founded in 1957 by R. Baer, J. L. Doob, A. Taub, G. Whitehead, and O. Zariski, and quickly established itself as a preeminent journal of mathematics. The inaugural volume featured papers of many of the world’s leading figures in the key areas of mathematics at the time: William Feller, Paul Levy, and Paul Malliavin in probability theory; Richard Bellman, R. P. Boas, Jack Hale, and Edwin Hewitt in analysis; Marvin Marcus, Olga Taussky, and Oscar Zariski in algebra; and Paul Erdös, L. J. Mordell, and John Tate in number theory. Since then, IJM has published many influential papers, most notably the proof of the Four Color conjecture by K. Appel and W. Haken. Distinguished researchers such as J. Bourgain, A. Calderon, S. S. Chern, H. Kesten, and K. Uhlenbeck have served as editors of IJM.

IJM strives to publish high quality research papers in all areas of mainstream mathematics that are of interest to a substantial number of its readers.

IJM is published by Duke University Press on behalf of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

IJM is included in Clarivate’s Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index beginning with its 2020 issues (Volume 64)