Special IJM volume honors Paul Schupp

by Phillip Griffith, Editor-in-Chief

The Illinois Journal of Mathematics is pleased to announce the publication of a special volume consisting of a collection of articles that honor the mathematical contributions of Paul Schupp.

Paul E. Schupp is an iconic figure in Geometric Group Theory. His contributions to the subject, from his early work on small cancellation groups in the 1960s to his results on interaction between Group Theory and Computer Science in the 1980s to his recent work on generic-case complexity and genericity in Group Theory, helped shape the birth and development of Geometric Group Theory and his name is deservedly among the most recognizable ones in the subject.

IJM owes a special debt of gratitude to guest editor Ilya Kapovich and editor Walter Neumann for their efforts in bringing the volume to life. The Schupp volume is the fourth in a stand-alone series published by the Illinois Journal of Mathematics. In addition to the Schupp volume, IJM has published The Mathematical Legacy of Reinhold Baer, edited by Phillip Griffith and Derek Robinson; Joseph Doob: A Collection of Mathematical Articles in His Memory, edited by Donald Burkholder; and A Collection of Articles in Honor of Phillip Griffith, edited by Luchezar Avramov, Sankar Dutta, and Hans-Bjorn Foxby.