Illinois Journal of Mathematics back issues archived online

The Illinois Journal of Mathematics (IJM) is pleased to announce, after a painstaking search, that VTEX/Mattson Publishing Services will provide production services (includes copyediting and typesetting) for IJM. In order to meet additional costs due to outsourcing, IJM will raise its annual subscription price from $195 to $225. This price increase amounts to an increase from 14 cents per page to 16 cents per page which keeps IJM’s annual subscription rate near the floor when compared to the rest of the major scientific journals.

A new venture is planned with Project Euclid, an online web host for scientific journals. Project Euclid was initiated in 2003 by Cornell University Library to provide a vehicle for streamlining distribution of serial literature in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. As a result of our participation, Project Euclid has agreed to archive our back issues through the journal’s inception in 1957 at no cost to IJM (a savings of roughly $30,000). In addition to being part of a consortium together with companion departmental journals hosted on the Project Euclid site, our participation will allow us to keep abreast of emerging developments in an ever-changing print environment. The Project Euclid model that we have chosen is called “Euclid Direct,” the same model employed by the Michigan Mathematical Journal.