IJM resumes regular publication schedule in 2014

by Renming Song, Editor-in-Chief

The Illinois Journal of Mathematics is on track to resume a regular publication schedule in early 2014 due to an increase in production by publishing six issues this past year instead of the usual four. The subscription rate for 2014 will remain at the 2013 level of $300 for the volume, with no price increases, publishing at 22 cents/page and allowing the IJM to hold its position as a high quality mathematics journal offered at a low cost.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following faculty members who have helped us with the journal over the past year, and we recognize that this may be an incomplete listing: Pierre Albin, Stephanie Alexander, Florin Boca, John D’Angelo, Harold Diamond, Lee DeVille, Lou van den Dries, Nathan Dunfield, Iwan Duursma, Rui Fernandes, Kevin Ford, Phil Griffith, Aimo Hinkkanen, Sasha Kostochka, Denka Kutzarova, Gabriele LaNave, Chris Leininger, Eugene Lerman, Xiaochun Li, Charles Rezk, Derek Robinson, Joseph Rosenblatt, Joe Rotman, Zhong-Jin Ruan, Alex Tumanov, and Alex Yong. The journal wouldn’t be able to function without the generous help of referees and consultants.

We would also like to give special thanks to A.J. Hildebrand for his continued support of journal operations