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Information for Authors

Editorial Policy

We welcome the submission of high quality research papers in all areas of mainstream mathematics. In order to be considered for publication, a paper must be well written and its results correct, new, and significant. In additions, the paper should be of interest to a substantial number of mathematicians; papers that appeal only to a small group of specialists may be more appropriate for a specialized journal than a general mathematics journal such as the IJM.

As a general mathematics journal, we aim to publish in a diverse range of areas in mathematics, and we strive to maintain an appropriate balance among these areas. In particular, we try to avoid publishing multiple papers on the same topic, or by the same authors within a short timeframe.

While we do not have a firm “English only” policy, and there may be cases where we would want to publish a strong paper written in French or German, we discourage submissions in languages other than English.  Such papers limit the potential readership of the paper and present an additional burden for the editors, referees, and Journal staff.  It may be difficult to find a competent referee who is knowledgeable in the language of the paper, and we may need to recruit and pay someone who is fluent in the language in order to copy-edit the paper for grammar and style.

Submission of Manuscripts

The submission of a paper implies the author’s assurance that it has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

Submissions should be made electronically to the following address:

Using this dedicated email address will ensure proper handling of the submission. Please do not send electronic submissions to the regular IJM email address (, or directly to an editor; you may, however, use your cover letter to suggest an editor for handling the paper. The submission must include:

  1. A cover (email) letter, indicating the intent to submit the paper for the IJM and (optionally) suggesting an editor to handle the paper.
  2. The original TeX/LaTeX file of the paper and any auxiliary files necessary to process the paper (such as ps/eps files for figures, bibtex files for bibliographies).
  3. A pdf version of the paper. If sending a pdf file by email is not possible (e.g., because of the size of the file), please provide a web address from which the file can be downloaded. (The TeX file, however, should still be sent by email.)

We recommend that you send a single email message, containing the cover letter as the body of the message, and the electronic files as attachments.



Every corresponding author will receive a PDF file via email of the final article. This electronic delivery system eliminates the delay from print publication to offprint delivery that previously resulted from printing, sorting, and mailing paper offprints and will provide the author with permanent access to their article once it is published. There are no page charges.

Copyright Policy

Authors of accepted papers will be asked to sign a Consent to Publish and Copyright Transfer Agreement. The IJM has a liberal copyright policy that allows authors to maintain copies of their paper on personal webpages and electronic preprint servers.

Preparation of Manuscripts

General Requirements

LaTex Templates and Sample Files

The IJM is typeset in LaTeX, using a variant of the amsart documentclass, so papers prepared in that format are easiest to process. You may wish to use, or consult, one of the following LaTeX templates and sample LaTeX files.

Additional Guidelines for Papers in LaTex

The following simple guidelines will help significantly reduce the time and cost involved in processing papers. Most of these guidelines are not IJM specific, but simply reflect good LaTeX practices.